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Roadside Advertising in a Digital Age – Walker, MN

It was a pleasure to present a workshop on using location based services and social media to engage with your audience at the Scenic Byways Conference in Walker, MN on October 28,2009. I have made this presentation dozens of times and each time new information is added and old information discarded. This time the feature information set was Everytrail.

You can access this presentation through this link:

Roadside Advertising in a Digital Age Presentation

EveryTrail is a website (Everytrail.com) that allows people to share their hiking, walking and driving paths and what they saw along the way. EveryTrail has an iPhone app that allows one to capture their path and photos they took along the way to the website. The website allows one to share through facebook, twitter, and various blogging sites, and even save the route as a Google Earth file (*.kmz) or as a file to upload onto a hand held GPS unit (*.gpx).

I was able to download the app, learn how to use it in 5 minutes, record a 2 mile walk and pictures I took  along the way, transfer the content onto the Everytrail website, and finally share the journey with my friends through facebook and twitter. And doing all this did not take time away from what I regularly do in a day.

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