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Follow up on “Connecting your Blog to Twitter”

It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote a little ‘how to’ on connecting you blog to twitter.

The day I published that article my blog had 310 views. Before that my views hovered at zero but since that day I have started to generate some traffic to my blog.

A few of the visitors also took the time to leave comments while another few did a pingback (explained below)

In addition, the day I wrote that entry I also connected my blog to twitter. This tells me that people are searching twitter on how to best use twitter.

So was it worth it? So the answer is an astounding YES, do twit about your blog and connect your blog to twitter.

But here are a few more pointers.

Make sure to give your blog entry appropriate tags. If you are initially writing your entry from MS Word then the best way to do it is after you post your blog from your WordPress Dashboard.

With your pointer hovering over the entry you want to assign TAGS to select QUICK EDIT (in red)

Then add the tags appropriate to your entry. Remember that TAGS makes it easier for other to find your entry.


Lastly – It may be a good idea to connect your tweets in twitter to also show up in your blog. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform for when you have just a little to say (less than 140 characters worth).

Here is how to do it:

  1. Click on My Dashboards and select your blog (As you can see I have multiple blogs on one account)


  1. On the sidebar click on Appearance and select Widgets

  2. From the Widgets available. Drag the Twitter widget to the left margin



  3. It will look like this when you are done. Just add your twitter name and click SAVE



  4. This is what your tweets will look like on your blog


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