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Linking your Blog to Facebook

So you are now blogger but how to people find your writings? You can wait for them to search you out but if you are like you already have a network of friends on Facebook. So What I am going to cover in this blog is how to publish your blog on Facebook.

There are several ways you can do this. The first is to manually post on your profile every time you make a blog entry. You can post the link to your latest entry and a catchy headline. Easy enough and I am not going to bother with a graphic tutorial.

I myself like to automate. So the first method I am going to illustrate is a handy little WordPress application that fits inside facebook. Here is how.

  1. Login to facebook and go to on the bottom left of the window and select Browse more applications.
  2. Now search for WordPress
  3. In the results select :
  4. When you click on it you be directed to the application’s facebook page. You still haven’t acquired the app yet.
  5. To install the app click on on the left side of the page.
  6. You will be asked to allow access. … Click on Allow
  7. You will get this window with hopefully your blog title pre-populated

  8. Adjust settings on this page accordingly and then click on
  9. Your blog postings will show up on your Facebook profile and your friends will be notified and will be read your entry right from Facebook
  10. You can also use this application to create blog entries right from Facebook and have them post on your WordPress account.
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