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Blogging from Microsoft Word to WordPress.com

OK, I have a full blank screen from my favorite text editing program, MS Word. The session here will be focused on how to blog from MS Word, an environment I am used to, to my WordPress.com blog which I like. I am evaluating here is for simplicity. Keep in mind WordPress.com is a hosted service. If you want to host your own blog using the WordPress technology, go to WordPress.org for the files and documentation

Also let’s add a picture to see how they are handled in the transfer and ‘publish’ process. I simply added the picture by doing a copy and paste operation.

People Migrating to Pakistan after Independence


Videos I think are more complex because they require a player and should be added from the blogging service.

Step 1: Obviously this is to write the blog.

Step 2: Click the little Windows Icon on the top left corner of the window and select


The MS Word environment now takes on a new look as a new document window is opened. We could have started the blog from the PUBLISH window but the point I want get across here is for effective writing of any kind one must write in an environment They are comfortable in. For me that is in a dark room by candle light on a piece of paper. But obviously I can’t blog from paper and unless I scan my papers and post them as pics or PDFs. That is a solution but not a searchable solution and you are blogging because you want to interact with your audience through an electronic medium.

Step 3: Give a title to your Blog entry on where it says: [Enter Post Title Here]

Step 3: Setup your MS Word to Publish to your Blog.

    Click on Manage Accounts to setup your connections. The following window opens……Click New




    On the New Blog Account window

    Choose WordPress

    The click Next



    Blog Post URL – enter the URL someone would need to read your Blog. My Blog is at https://entelectul.wordpress.com/

    So the Blog Post URL for me is https://entelectul.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php
    Then type in the Username and Password you would use to login to your WordPress blog.

    Now click on Picture Options because you make want to include images in your postings.


WordPress has this really handy feature where I it will host your pictures. Sounds obvious but Google Blogger and Movable Type do not have this feature. You have to store pictures on your own server.

Click OK and Word will try to establish a connection with your blog account. For me it worked seamlessly

The last step is to PUBLISH
which I will do here and you can read my entry at https://entelectul.wordpress.com/

Remember to save your blog entry to your PC as a backup copy.







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