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Roadside Advertising in a Digital Age

I have an idea!

It started out with a GPS receiver I received from my mother as a gift. I like to play with gadgets. So naturally I started palying with this gadget, I found the obvious that GPS unit if you put the destination address and the origination address this device while guide you turn by turn in how to get there. So while allowing the GPS unit to guide me to a a destination in grater MN i tried out some of its more innard features. At a gas stop I felt like having coffee. So why not go inside the store and have the coffee there? Well that coffee does not sit well in my stomach. I need a name brand coffee or coffee from a dedicated coffee shop. For all I know the coffee at a gas station is made from gas.

Anyways I pulled up the POI feature in the GPS and started searching for coffee shops around me . I didn’t find anything nearby however, when I resumed my journey I soon came across a coffee shop. It was in a small town off the main highway. But why was it not in the GPS’s computer?

This is the origins of the Roadside advertising in a digital age program; instruction on how to put your point of interest into the databases that run the GPS units. I also noticed on how I was using google maps to find places around me for goods and services. So the second question was how to put yourself on digital maps like google or mapquest.

Technology is changing so fast that the GPS unit and the PC was quickly transplanted by smartphones, like the iphone. Now digital maps are available on handheld device that could access the internet and were GPS enable. This was a fusion of the internet capabilities of the PC with the GPS capabilities of the Garmin. People using iphones are searching on Google maps for goods and services nearby. In Addition an number of dedicated applications have sprouted for the iphone that search for restaurants, parks, tourist points, you name it. This concept of the dedicated app has cross pollinated in the balckbery world and was the core behing the T-mobile’s google android phone .

Then I saw an application in apple iphone’s app store

This open up a new dimension in advertising one’s POI. Not only do you have to be aware of digital maps but also stand alone apps that cost a buck on the iphone, android and black berry. These apps have a GEO component to them but other equally or more important components are customer reviews, photos, and rich descriptions, including hours of operations and major products carried.

The internet revolution came requiring every business to have a website. Then the website had to be on the top of the list of certain search criteria in search engines like Yahoo and Google. The current reality is that you have to available on as many platforms as your customers’ would locate you with. That includes traditional media such as magazine, billboards and commercials as well as modern high tech advertising venues.

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